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I Foresee a Taco Hangover in my Future

Aug 29, 2012 -- 1:46pm

Dude. I'm totally one of the guest judges for the "2nd Annual Taco Truck Throwdown" at Chukchansi Park on Thursday, August 30th!

Which means, I've gotta eat, and then judge, tacos from at least a dozen different valley taco trucks. Am I prepared? C'mon, really?

Let me tell you a short story about me and my stomach. We have a pretty good relationship. I eat, he's happy (yeah, my stomach's a dude).

There is very little I haven't eaten in this lifetime. 

For example, one year for Spring Break, a bunch of my buddies and I left for a week-long trip to Mexico. Not near the border of Mexico. Not even Tijuana.

We friggin' drove DEEP into Mexico. And it was grand.

Anyway, everyday of that trip around 3am was spent on the STREETS of some random Mexican city eating some kind of random tacos made with some gray-brownish meat of unknown and questionable origin. And I liked it.

I ate meat off the streets of Mexico.

I'm freakin' ready.





Kate deserves so much better

Aug 07, 2012 -- 3:14pm

As I was getting ready to update with a new contest to win tickets to see "Total Recall," I noticed something. Something off-putting. Dare I say...something disturbing.

The image we were using was a smaller version of the full-size movie poster. It looked kinda cool. Mysterious, with a tone of science fiction wonderment.

But then something struck me as.....a little odd. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

Pictured above: A crime against the public



"Dude!", I said to myself. "They totally covered up Kate Beckinsale!", I said out loud.

Now, when I heard about this movie, I knew I wanted to see it for a number of reasons. Harold (no Kumar) was in it, Jessica Biel was in it, Walter White from Breaking Bad (aka Malcom's dad) was in it.

But above all else, this was another movie starring Kate F'n Beckinsale! I was sold on Total Recall before even watching the trailer!

And then they pull this crap? It's outrageous. Disgraceful. Blasphemous. And worthy of so many other synonyms I can't even think of right now.

Although there's nothing I can do about the official movie studio-produced poster, I'm thinking I can AT LEAST change the photo we are using for the contest on

Think anyone will notice?



Pictured above: Something awesome



But will Machete kill Lady Gaga?

Jul 26, 2012 -- 4:42pm

Here's a lil bit of trivia. One of my all-time favorite movies is "Machete."

Pictured above: Awesome-ness in cinema form


I thought that movie was so badass, that it's officially the only Blu-ray I've ever purchased. I just NEEDED to get it on Blu-ray. I'm not sure why exactly. I just did.

Anyway, that movie surprised me by making me forget that I'm not a fan of Lindsay Lohan. She was actually.....pretty good in it.

So, I'm ridiculously excited to see the sequel, "Machete Kills" and I'm HOPING that Lady Gaga will do the same thing that Lindsay did. Specifically, not piss me off that she's in the movie.

Check the poster:


This movie will also be badass. So badass.



Probably should've looked for another photo

Jul 10, 2012 -- 2:42pm

While it absolutely sucks about what happened to Usher's stepson, I gotta admit that I cracked a smile when I saw the pic MTV included with the headline.

Seems like they should be a little more sad, doesn't it?


I'm just a squirrel tryin' to get a nut

Jul 06, 2012 -- 2:48pm


If you're anything like me, the FIRST thing you think about when you hear these lyrics.............

"Turn around baby let me
See it from the back
Yeah, I like it like that

Bumpin' that rump
Raise it up let me
See that round
Slap it girl
Make it jiggle round
Round and round

Pay them girls what
They worth, slip that
Money under that skirt

Lick you up then
Like you down
But I ain't finished girl
Turn around

My juice is sweet like
Georgia Peaches
Women suck it up
Like leeches (uh-huh)
It feels so good you
Must admit you like
This shh" a bunch of kids dancing around eating healthy snacks. Right?

"That is a brilliant ad campaign!", said absolutely nobody.

I'm willing to bet money that we'll see a "Me So Horny / Me So Hungry" commercial on Nick Jr. by the end of the year.


Michael Jackson songs on the Radio

Jun 25, 2012 -- 12:31pm

I was on the air 3 years ago when it was announced that Michael Jackson died. After every song, I'd crack the mic and make updates that I'd read online. 

Most of the calls during the first couple hours were like, "Is it true?, or "I heard Michael Jackson died, is that for real?"

But then, just as I expected, the FLOOD of  "Can you play _______ by Michael Jackson?" or "I need to hear _____by Michael Jackson" calls started rolling in.

Look, I've been in radio since 1997, and without exaggeration, I had NEVER EVER EVEEERRRRR received a request to play ANY Michael Jackson song before that afternoon. EVER. 

And that day, I refused to do it. 

Not because I wasn't an MJ fan or anything. It was more the principle of the matter. To put it bluntly, it kinda p*ssed me off that people were only calling to hear his songs cuz they heard he died.

Where were these people back in 2001 when Invincible came out? Nobody requested MJ songs back then, did they? But now suddenly, EVERYBODY's a fan and NEEDS to hear Michael Jackson on the radio? 

So, on the 3 year anniversary of his death, I won't be playing any Michael Jackson songs. 

Real fans don't need to hear MJ on the radio. They've already got his albums on repeat. 



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