August Alsina - 7.18.2014

Jul 18, 2014 -- 6:52pm


7.18.2014 - BET Award winner, XXL "Freshman Classman," and R&B newcomer August Alsina stopped by Q97.1 during the Afternoon Drive with Danny Salas to talk about the new album, "Tesimony," the tour, and lots more!

D - All the hits Q97.1 Danny Salas that’s me running the afternoon drive. I told you as promised we’re going to have a special guest live in the studio August Alsina in the building.
A – Yo what’s good man how you doing?
D – How you feeling?
A – Yeah this is my first time here. You know this is my first run, my first just really getting this experience you know because I always feel like  you got to grow to these types of markets so it’s a crawl before you walk type of thing so I’ve been crawling but now I’m walking.

D –There it is man. Now you see I could officially say welcome to Fresno for the first time
A-Yeah thank you man I appreciate it.

D – Yeah so were going to like I said going to use this as an intro because like I said, people in the know anybody who any kind of internet access have already heard your name man but those who have not, let me know how August Alsina came from where you’re at now or where have you been.
A –Well it’s just to be really honest grinding and praying bruh. I’m from New Orleans and for me it was always 2 things…Very bad or very good and from those very bad situations I think they really built me up and got me prepared to be here you know. When people say you can turn your negative to a positive it’s really what I did and where I came from. It’s a different world growing up in New Orleans and just my lifestyle and background, all of that I put that into my music and the people can relate to it so I think that’s why me and the people who support me, my fans have the real deal connection.

D – That’s cool man, I’m glad you brought that up man turning negatives into positives I mean we don’t need to go into it right now but like I said anyone with an IPhone can look up the back story of August Alsina but we know your back story for your personal life but I want to get to jump ahead after all that negativity as a youngster happened. You’re still a youngster right now how old are you?
A –I’m 21

D –How does a dude from New Orleans, 21 years old, turn that negative into anything but more negativity?
A –Umm the thing is you just…I’ve always known what I wanted and you got to know what you want and trust it and go for it and you can take no for an answer. That’s with anything whether that’s a woman or a job

D –That got me slapped a couple of times of not taking no for an answer!
A – But you know it’s just you got to know what you want and your faith can never waiver you know because a lot of times in this society, it’s so easy for people to be negative than positive today and it’s like everybody is trying to pull each other down especially with this social media, it’s so easy to reach a person and I see so many people get caught down into the negativity the people are saying.

D –Well with that being said man, I mean you said it yourself its really easy for someone to get up on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and just say something negative. I imagine where you are and your position, you want to reach out to those fans and respond to your fans who speak good of you but how do you filter through that BS and kind of ignore the people who put you down?
A –You know umm I honestly don’t really get on. A lot of my fans get on me about that a lot saying I don’t talk to them enough over the internet but I kind of get on there to post a picture or whatever and keep it moving. I honestly don’t read what’s going on, on the internet because its 2 things about social media that I always tell people. You can always get caught up on the hype of people saying they love you and you lose your mind and get big headed and think that your more poppin than you’re really are and  2, you can get caught up or caught down into the negativity of what people are saying. For me to kind of have some balance, I stay away from it completely.

D –The happy medium right. Let’s talk about kind of the breakthrough for August Alsina man but like I said people been hearing that name seeing that name, seen you in videos for the last couple of years but the one kind of the breakthrough joint where people was like whattt and taking notice was that joint with Trinidad James “I love this” the clean version.
A –My very first single, umm I always knew that was the very first thing I wanted people to hear from me because it’s just an introduction of who I am really not only as an artist but you know as a man. Basically the song is the good, the bad, the ugly everything I love it. The grind the struggle I love it.

D –Do you come across with this joint was the intro to August Alsina. Did you get…I don’t want to say backlash but did you get the vibe that people were like what I was expecting him to be a gangster rapper and talking about blunts and hoes. I know there’s some R&b-ish to it.
A – Of course a lot of people thought that I rap when that’s not what I do. I think man this industry has found a way just like the rest of the world and anything else; they found a way to put a stereotype on artist. A stereotype as to where you’re really not allowed to have creative freedom in what you do and I think that’s why a lot of people have so much to say you know.

D –People are looking at the image first rather than the concept. I feel you.
A – Yeah so it’s a beautiful thing for me though because so many people underestimate me and they still do. It’s funny because when people come to my shows, I didn’t expect it to be this you know so I mean I like it man I love being the underdog  I love it.

D –So you do consider yourself as the underdog?
A –Of course!

D – We have seen dudes singing hooks on rap songs; we’ve seen cats trying to do what you’re doing right now so you think you see yourself trying to trump them? 
A –Of course because you know what right now it’s far from the time for me to feel myself or to feel I’m more than anything from the next person. I tell people I’m humble enough to tell them that I’m not better than the next man. I’m definitely wise enough to know that they aren’t like me and we aint the same. I’m one of a kind; I’m cut from a different fabric. So I do what I do no matter what comparison anybody may make about me  and the next man I’m me and they can never be me and I can never be them and I know that I still have a ton of work to do. People are rich man, Chris is one of my best friends and he is rich!

D –How many times have you asked him for a loan?
A – Never! Haha I can’t bring myself to do it because I’m hustling and grinding.

D – I’m like man Chris I’m hungry pick up! Haha 
A – You know it was funny because just the other day he was saying lil bro you got to get you a Lambo…You want to buy it from me because I can’t afford that right now. 

D – That’s cool man that’s some deep stuff right there man just believing in yourself and just keep doing what you’re doing. I mean I heard in interviews I heard you say “I’m not a role model” but man that’s kind of something people can look up to man just the kind of stuff your preaching.
A –Yeah I say I’m not a role model because it’s not my job like you’re not my kids, I’m not your father. I’m 21 and I’m going through life just like everybody else.

D –No kids?
A –No

D – Alright then you’re nobody’s father.
A –Nah I’m like exploring different paths and avenues and I think life is about messing up so don’t put me on a pedestal you know and then when I mess up its like oh whoa he was supposed to this such and such  to me but no I never took that responsibility on you know.

D –That whole build you up to knock you down right.
A –Exactly

D –Alright man well I want to talk about the positive. I want to talk about this new single you’re pushing right now. We talked about that one single that broke through with Trinidad James but right now we’re talking about this joint “Numb” speak up on this.
A – Umm it’s just a cool record it’s just a very fun record.

D –Don’t you say that about all your joints man? Haha August is just like its cool.
A – Man I just be vibing and this is one of those records that I was actually here in L.A. Actually I did this record last BET Awards I was here so umm me and Mustard and it’s just a fun record like its drink until you go numb and that could be just because you like to party hard or if you got something going on in your life where you feel like man I just can’t do it right now, I can’t deal with it right now so it’s just a very fun record and  I’m proud of it. It’s just like any other record of mine, for some reason it’s like my records really take time to go where they’re going. 

D –Alright man I think we should stop talking about it man and drop it on Fresno right now man.
A –You might as well man. You already know its August Alsina and this is my joint “Numb” on Q97.1 believe that.

D – All the hits Q97.1 August Alsina live up in the studio live in 559 for the very very first time and that’s the joint right there man.
A –Yeah umm I’m so happy to be here by the way.

D –I appreciate you man but kind of mentioned before we busted that joint that you were in L.A. and we got to talk about the ESPYS man you were a part of the ESPYS.
A –Nah I wasn’t a part of the ESPYS

D –Oh were you at the ESPYS after party?
A – I went to uhhh….

D –I heard a rumor that’s why right now at Q97.1 your voice isn’t 100% like it should be because you were partying all night.
A – Well it wasn’t too much. It was pretty chill. Me and Breezy was kicking it and a few its other people.

D – I’m not trying to incriminate you. I didn’t even see you. 
A –Nah it was a cool time though. Very very cool.

D –I want to go back a couple of weeks before that to the BET Awards. The 2014 BET Awards at 21 years of age, dude form New Orleans, coming up from where you came up on stage at the BET Awards. How dope was that man?
A –Umm it felt incredible. We never got to shoot the video for our remix “ I love it” so that moment right there was just history for all of us and we feel so good about it that I think something else may actually may come out of it you know speaking to prematurely.

D –Alright I like teasers. We love teasers.
A – Yeah I think something can possibly come out of it but it was dope man cause I sat and watched the BET Awards all the time you know so like last year when I was there no one really wanted to holla at me but I promised it wasn’t going to be the same next year and I kept my promise but it was cool.

D –it’s a beautiful thing and again it’s just like a I said a little while ago I don’t want to bring up too much negativity and go online and look at the history of all the negativity but it was like the Ohh Shh moment of the BET Awards to have Trey Songz come out and join you on stage and then Chris Brown join you on stage just because of everything that has happened over the last few months and I don’t want to go into all of that because it’s been talked to death about that already.
A –You know them my guys and you know sometimes your homie and they got issues and uhh this is very new to me. Some stuff shouldn’t be presented to the world you know no matter how deep you feel about the situation. Some things just shouldn’t be presented to the world at all.

D –You know what the media just likes to blow stuff up. I’m speaking because I’m apart of it cause we love gossip, we love beef, we love celebrity beef man
A –I always say you love it until somebody gets killed because it really comes from that world and when it gets real everybody feel bad about it.

D –Coming up in New Orleans and making the cautious decision like...ima go the R&b route with cats like Master p and like Bird Man and Manny Fresh obviously having influences in New Orleans, how did you decide for yourself, I’m going the R&B route? 
A – Well it really wasn’t my decision I guess it decided for me you know like I wasn’t blessed to be able to rap, I don’t spit. I just sing and I don’t know where they come from nobody in my family is musically inclined in any shape form or fashion.  It just found me and I’m just running with it.

D –So let me talk about the album that dropped months ago because I know you’ve been on a huge tour all around the country hyping this album. The album is called “Testimony” it dropped in April?
A – Yeah April 15th 

D - And almost immediately it had a huge buzz about it 
A – Man and its still growing. All the time a lot of artist is still concerned with first week numbers or how many units they going to move or whatever but for me I always knew that good music and talent prevails and my faith never waivered with that either. I know that I’m a new artist and I’m still growing so my album is going to grow each and every day so it actually felt good to over exceed what people thought that it would actually do.

D – Yeah man if I was an artist man ill prefer the slow burn as suppose to the immediate buzz.
A –Of course don’t give it to me all that at one time because then you don’t appreciate it as much as you should. You know I’m working for it so yeah.

D –Well man just being as young in the game as you are, you speak like a vet. You speak like a seasoned vet who’s been doing it for a very long time who hasn’t been jaded by the record industry or anything else man.
A –Oh by the way kicking off my tour we linked up with Live Nation and I think August 17th we’re going to be in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom so be there or be square.

D –It’s not only your West coast hit man you’re also going to be in San Francisco, and also an L.A. show on the 21st
A –Yes the 21st at the House of Blues.

D –Yeah beautiful thing about Fresno too is we are literally right in the middle of the bay and L.A. so one of those 2 stops man Fresno the 559 is going to representing and checking out August Alsina.
A –I appreciate that man.

D – So I know you have limited time and I appreciate you spending time with us and because it’s going to make everybody in this room happy were going to bust “Numb” one more time.
A –My man!

D –So last words for Fresno August Alsina live up in the studio let them know man.
A –Yes man listen I want to see yall at the tour. I aint going to talk to you too much so drop it.


Iggy Azalea - 3.20.2014

Apr 01, 2014 -- 5:35pm


3.20.2014 - Hip Hop newcomer Iggy Azalea was live with Danny Salas during the Afternoon Drive on Q97.1 talking about her name, influences, her new song "Fancy," and a whole lot more!

DS: We've got Iggy Azalea live up in the studio, what’s happening?
IA: Ummmm.. chillin!
DS: How you feelin? Welcome to Fresno! 
IA: I’m good! It’s good to be here.
DS: Sooo,  right off the bat, one of the first questions I had to ask you, everyone has got a stage name, what’s the story behind Iggy Azalea? Tell us the story behind the name. 
IA: Umm.. Iggy was my dog, my whole life. From a baby til about 18 and he was just amazing! I loved my dog so much I had a name plate that said Iggy and I wore it. People would just call me Iggy when they met me because you gotta refer to the name plate right? So that’s how I got the nickname Iggy. 
DS: And that’s kind of cool that you wore it because you always have a story, people always ask you about it right?
IA: That’s true. It’s a fun story to tell.
DS: So your childhood dog, yes?
IA: My whole life dog, I suppose, the only dog I’ve ever had.
DS: You are straight from Australia. So I want to know for someone who’s just listening to Iggy Azalea on Q97.1 right now, how a girl from Australia gets to where you are at right now in the United States in 2014?
IA: I took a plane…
DS: Alright...
IA: I have been living in America for about 8 years. I turned 24 this year. I moved here when I was 16. Umm... I moved to Miami. I’ve been living, wandering around America for a while now. Getting into mischief.
DS: Alright, getting into mischief you say?
IA: Yeah
DS: That’s one of the best words in the English language right there.
IA: It is, isn’t it!
DS: But I want to back up a little bit now, how does one decide at a young teen age, that hey you know what?  I’m going to up and leave my freaking country and go all the way across the ocean and meet really nobody that I know in a whole other country.
IA: Well… not talk to no one, but the majority of the people want to live in America if you don’t live in America. 
DS: It’s alright, it’s a cool place, its aight, I have no complaints about it.
IA: You have a lot going on over here. You have a lot going on. So, umm, yeah you know I wanted to be successful and I think everybody… the American dream kind of lives on outside of America too. 
DS: Right. So in Australia you obviously wanted to succeed in music.
IA: Yeah.
DS: Did you want to specifically succeed as a rapper, as a singer, R&B singer?
IA: It’s really evident.
DS: Hell yeah it is! But, you never know, your life could have taken like a little turn.
IA: I stick to what I want.
DS: So coming into the United States who was one of the first, I don’t want to say like a big name, but enough to kind of guide you. Who was the first one you hooked up with?
IA: That helped me? Probably would have been a guy called Fatbone, some people call him Fatface and he’s part of the Dungeon Family. Umm, out of Atlanta. He was the first to kind of help with the industry.
DS: So I’m assuming meeting a dude like that he’s not just going to take a look at you like, “Ehh I’ll give you a shot.” Did you spit like a rhyme for him? What did you do? Did you perform?
IA: No. I actually came up in the days of Myspace, so you didn’t have to walk up to people and start rapping. They would hear your music and then oh my gosh! This is amazing, or I like it! Or I see potential in it. So that’s how it went.
DS: Alright, so you are an internet success. 
IA: Yeah I know how to navigate the internet. 
DS: I love that. Alright so coming up now, where you are at now in 2014 we are going to fast forward from a girl getting on a plane in her teen age years and now you’ve worked with cats like TI, you have performed on stage with NAS. How freaking ridiculous is that? In the short amount of time that you, not to say that you achieved your goal already, but you are sitting in a chair that a million other people wish they could be sitting in right now. 
IA: That’s true it’s always good to remember that. 
DS: Who were some of the cats you looked up to coming up? Like 'When I get to the United States, I think I’m going to be like this dude', or 'I think I’m going to be like that chick.'
IA: Who did I look up to? I always loved Missy Elliot, that was the girl that I wanted to be like I thought she was really original and I knew without a doubt that she wrote her music and I felt that, that was really inspirational, because there were other artists that I did love but I didn’t know if they necessarily wrote their music, but I knew that Missy Elliot did, and so I really, really liked her and I thought that was cool. And I just loved that she had these crazy outfits in all her videos and they really inspired me to. I love visual things and it made me feel like music can really contain other elements and things and so that was the person, and I’m a humongous Tupac fan but Missy Elliot was the person that I would like and think I really like to be like her. 
DS: You’re definitely on the right coast to name drop Tupac right now.
IA: I am! I guess he was kind of born in New York so you could drop him there too, maybe. 
DS: That’s real. I’m kind of curious, coming up in Australia listening to Tupac..cuz obviously the United States is totally split and Pac was at the height of the East coast West coast feud, does that even happen in Australia? Is there like an East coast /West coast? Or is it  like 'I like NAS, I like Pac, I like Nelly' and everything is kind of "American" artists when you live in Australia?
IA: Well none of us live on the east coast or the west coast..
DS: Right
IA: Yeah, so we don’t really care.
DS: The entire country is the coast.
IA: Well I mean there are coasts but they’re not like your coasts.
DS: Well, congratulations on making this far and doing your thing,
IA: Thank you, I really appreciate it.
DS: And congratulations on being so inspired by Missy to put out a dope, left-of-center, crazy out of the box video yourself.
IA: Yeah, it’s always good to have something unexpected. 
DS: So this new video for "Fancy," let’s talk about it. It’s got the Clueless thing... 
IA: It does.
DS: That’s obvious what everyone is talking to you about 
IA: Yeah
DS: And you mention you’re in your 20s ...I'm an 80s baby too, which means I love 90’s stuff and I’m assuming you’re exactly the same. You grew up just loving that whole 90’s culture right?
IA: Yeah I grew up loving it. Um, I was born in 1990 so I guess for me a lot of the 90’s is a memory but I think things like that are all so close, they are so close. I had a young mom, you know older kids baby sitters sitting there watching Clueless and you remember it. 
DS: And that’s the thing, it is like pop culture stuff too. 
IA: Yeah it is pop culture, and I always say I do think Clueless in its own way is a cult hit as a movie and those sorts of things they withstand a generation and um, you know what I mean a good film or a good song. I don’t think it matters if you are necessarily alive in the right age of that era. It will be around forever. 
DS: Fast forward a little bit. So, back in the day, I saw clueless is was freaking hilarious. I saw a video that you did with Amber Rose where you were doing that whole Mean Girls thing. 
IA: Oh! Yeah we did that for MTV.
DS: Yeah! That was freakin' hilarious!
IA: Thank You.
DS: But Mean Girls is like the 2000s version of Clueless.
IA: Yeah! It was me, Ed Sheeren, Amber Rose, and Waka Flocka.
DS: That’s right! Waka Flocka.
IA: Waka Flocka was my favorite part of the video. I think He played Regina George?
DS: Yeah, I remember that.
IA: I thought it was really funny! Really Funny!
DS: He called you a slut! Hearing Waka Flocka say it... 
IA: He was like get her off the phone, yeah I replay that many times.
DS: Dude, that was hilarious.
IA: Waka Flocka definitely needs to be in some more movies.
DS: Man that’s real right?! He was good.
IA: He was good.
DS: So the video is obviously leading up to something that your fans have been begging for a really long time.
IA: Yeah 
DS: Cause you’re like the queen of mix tapes, queen of EPs.
IA: I’m the Mixtape/EP queen.
DS: Right. So finally we’re getting a full album, yeah?
IA: I'm finally getting an album. 
DS: Yay, congratulations.
IA: No, I’m super excited to finally have an album, I hear so many people say what?! You finally have an album?!
DS: I know right.
IA: It's weird! So..
DS: Well because your name! People hear your name, you're young in the game but you’ve been doing a lot of stuff with a lot of people so you’re known without having an album, that’s pretty good.
IA: It's nice to hear that, sometimes I think you need to hear someone say it cause I can forget. 
DS: Ay, its real. You can go your whole career without having an album as long as you brand yourself...
IA: Thank You. I’m a big brand. That’s like McDonald's.
DS: You’re the brand. You’re the Iggy brand.
IA: Awesome, yeah I’m really excited about my album it comes out on the 22nd of April which is next month but it feels so much closer than that. Times just flying around and I’m really excited that it's actually eventuating and it’s going to be real. I’ll have a CD and I can hold it in my hands!
DS: I know, a physical CD. 
IA: Finally, everything I’ve ever put has been digital, online, so they’re free and um, I think having an album and getting to actually hold something that you’ve created will be very satisfactory. 
DS: So you have the liner notes?
IA: I did, I worked them out about a month ago and it felt very surreal writing them. I was like oh, who do I have to thank? People just started coming out of the woodwork. It was tight.
DS: Right. Speaking of coming out of the woodwork so, I’m going to go back a little bit, leaving home and stuff; how many people have reached out to you now that you have made it to where you are?
IA: How many? Umm..
DS: Cuz you left a lot of people behind, right? 
IA: Yeah… All of them. I left every single person I know behind. Every single one, unless you’re blood related. Umm none, no ones reached out but Im hard to get in contact with. So maybe that’s why.
DS: Alright good, good. So ain’t no one going to invite you to any family reunions or any of that?
IA: I don’t know how they would, they don’t have my number, I don’t know how they would.
DS: That’s so funny. Well good job, good job separating yourself from other people.It’s always good when you can run to another country. Where are you going to be anonymous in another country, you don’t even go by your real name so they ain’t looking you up by your real name.
IA: Right, I think they know where I am though. 
DS: I wanted to ask too.  Your style, man you’re a cool ass hip-hop chick. But listening to you on an album and listening to your speaking voice, I probably wouldn’t be able to connect the two. Do you find your voice changing in the studio as opposed to communicating while regular speaking?
IA: Well of course! Well it’s hard to say no. It does sound very different.
DS: But when you’re rapping, "no", and you say "no" (with an accent) right now,
IA: No (with an accent)
DS: Yeah I love that. 
IA: Yeah thank you.
DS: I’m a sucker for an accent.
IA: It’s good to have an accent when you can pull it off.
DS: I ain’t gonna lie, British accents and Australian accents are... forget it! You could be asking or telling me anything and I’ll say 'yeah.' I’m totally lost in your eyes when you speak to me in an accent. And the fact that you have..
IA: Oh well that’s good, I have something I could bargain with then. 
DS: Right, totally hit me up!
IA: I’ve skipped some lines with this accent. 
DS: 'How come my record isn’t in rotation as much as it should be?' "Uhh, yes Iggy coming right up!"
IA: I’ll have to start making personal calls to people then. 
DS: And speaking of British accents, also on Fancy, we’ve seen you performing with Charli XCX
IA: Yup, Charli.
DS: How did you two hook up? Where does she come from?
IA: She comes from London.
DS: Oh, there you go. See? The Australian, the British accent, forget it, it’s over. 
IA: Yup! Her accent is stronger than mine! I met Charli when we were filming our video “Together” but I’ve known her she came up the same time I’ve came up. I would see a lot of magazines that I would be in and I liked her. I found out that she actually writes all her music. The Icona Pop song, she wrote it. Great writer and I just feel like, so many of her songs are everywhere! Even on the East coast and Florida, everywhere! I thought it would be really cool to mix up with someone from London and so that’s why I picked Charli. 
DS: Yeah, you guys make a great tag team. 
IA: Thank you. 
DS: Like super dope. Honestly you got me with two hot chicks on the screen and you kept me with the music. 
IA: And we dress as school girls!
DS: Right. It's over. That’s the kind of stuff that.... I wanna clear my internet browsing stuff just to be on the safe side!
IA: Oh no!
DS: Alright well I know you got limited time but I really appreciate you coming by and spending time with us. 
IA: No, I appreciate you guys having me.
DS: I totally wish you can be here all damn day cuz I can talk to you forever, I don’t care what you’re talking about. I just want to hear your voice all day. 
IA: I’ll just read the dictionary for you. 
DS: You totally could. I’ll bust out a phonebook and I’ll be happy.
IA: Awesome!
DS: So Iggy Azalea, any last words for Fresno? 
IA: Last words, ummm… come check me out in Santa Ana I know it’s a long drive but I’m going to have a show there. Come on! 
DS: When are you going to be performing? When are you going to be in Santa Ana? 
IA: Well, I’m going to be there May 15th, I’m doing a show, a tour, but it’s completely and totally sold out. But! I have a new date in Santa Ana and it hasn’t even gone out on sale yet so if you want a road trip I advise you to come on down.
DS: The cool thing about being where we’re at in Central California is that we are in the middle of Los Angeles and the Bay so wherever artists...
IA: I would have loved growing up here because I would of gotten the best of both wolrds. 
DS: I want you to consider Fresno your 3rd or 4th home whenever you come by.
IA: Will do.
DS: Doors are always open. And we have some country around here too.
IA: Country is good, I’m a country girl. 
DS: I wish you the best of luck with absolutely everything and I’m going to let you introduce this Fancy joint cause I can't have Iggy Azalea in the studio and not bust Fancy right now.
IA: Alright ready?
DS: I’m ready.
IA: What’s up guys, I’m Iggy Azalea and right now we are about to listen to my brand new single featuring Charli XCX. It’s called "Fancy," check it out. 
DS: Iggy Azalea live in the studio, it’s Q97.1, turn this up! 

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Jennifer Lopez - 3.19.2014

Apr 01, 2014 -- 1:52pm

3.19.2014 - J.Lo calls Q97.1's Danny Salas during the Afternoon Drive to talk about her new single, "I Luh Ya Papi" and her new album.

DS: Jennifer Lopez how are you doing?
JL: I’m good how are you doing Danny?
DS: I’m really good where are you calling from today?
JL: I’m calling you from L.A.
DS: Alright cool so you’re on my coast! You’re a west coast girl today I love it.
JL: Yes yes yes!
DS: I know you’ve been bombarded doing these radio interviews and TV interviews but you have a lot to talk about so that’s why a lot of people have a lot to talk to you about.
JL: Yes it’s a good time you know doing Idol and getting ready to release my 10th album and the new single and my new video is out its all bubbling, it’s all good!
DS: Yeah that’s pretty crazy so well let jump right into it. The new single obviously is on top of everyone’s mind right now and I’m going to leave it up to Jennifer Lopez to give me the right pronunciation of the title of the new single.
JL: It’s called, “I Luh Ya Papi”
DS: Easy...one more time?
JL: “I Luh Ya Papi”
DS: Yup that’s it and I’m not gonna lie. I totally knew how to pronounce it I just wanted to hear it from you so I can make a cool sound bite. I’m totally going to put that on repeat.
JL: And over “I Luh Ya Papi”, “I Luh Ya Papi”, “I Luh Ya Papi”!

DS: I love it! So I did see the video and I've seen a couple of interviews that you’ve done recently so the whole vibe of this video is kind of a throwback. It’s kind of like paying homage…well not really homage but talking trash a little bit about these rappers right?
JL: It’s kind of poking fun at it but in the most fun, kind and light-hearted way you know. We wanted to make it fun and unique and just at the same time give a little commentary like you have been doing this to us for a long time so boom here you go! This is what it feels like but we had so much fun making the video. The whole idea was kind of flip a rap video. This song is a different kind of style. I’m kind of rap singing on it; the closest I’ll ever get to rapping I guess. 
DS: Well, you’re doing an alright job.
JL: Yeah the director of the video Jessie Terrero was like we should do a rap video because it feels a little like a cool rap record and I was like okay what does that mean?  He’s says you know and when I think of videos I think mansions and yachts classic ones you know like Champaign and over the top and he’s like yeah let’s do that! Then as we thought about it we were like well does that mean ill have a bunch of girl…no guys in bathing suits like doing things that you know are only for entertainment you know what I mean. Once we got on that page we just ran with it and had a whole bunch of fun.
DS: Well you know it is like a total 90s rap song throwback so I think you’re going to have to be inspired for the upcoming videos you have off the album. You’re going to have to do a whole video where it’s like J-Lo’s a gangsta rapper and I want to see you come out with a fat gold chain and maybe like a 12 gage or something.
JL: That will be crazy! Me with a big gold tooth or something I don’t know. Before it was just the grills now just the tooth.

DS: Right and then you can touch on every period like New Kids on the Block where you have something air-brushed on your booty or on like on a denim jacket...
JL: Oh no! That is so funny!
DS: So the song features French Montana but I also heard that Tyga did a verse for it, I heard Big Sean did a verse for it.
JL: Absolutely! You know it’s funny with this record I would have people I wanted to work with like those guys you just mentioned and I would play then 4, 5 or 6 different records and I’m like this is what I’m doing and all of them was like yeah I’ll do that but I would also have an idea like Tyga I want you to do “Girls” with me, Big Sean I want you to do “Trouble”, French Montana I want you to do “Same Girl” like I had different ideas that I thought they would be perfect for but all of them was like I want to do that song and I was like okay! One of them having there embarrassment of riches and all of these 3 amazing rappers on this song so you know at some point I’m going to have to release that version with all of them on it so all the papi’s are on it!
DS: What I want to know is what did French Montana have to do to beat out Big Sean and Tyga to get on this video?
JL: You know what it really wasn’t a competition that way I just felt like and everybody felt like his version with the whole “Same Girl” concept of the album and that whole thing of that throwback of Jenny from the block added that feel to it. You know he’s from the Bronx and he just had that flow that felt very natural in it. It was just more of that reason. When you hear the other versions you’ll see I love Big Sean’s voice and I love Tyga’s verse too.
DS: Obviously the lyrics are dope but... just me as a fan of Big Pun....there was one part in there, and I don’t know if it was intentional. I don’t know if it was your call, or whose call it was but it was just so dynamite that I had to back track on YouTube and I’m like 'Did I just hear “It’s So Hard” by Big Pun?' But just a quick little sample.
JL: Yup that was actually French. He was like this track reminds me of “It’s So Hard” you know that one and I was just like yeah of course and he was like you got to put a little bit of that in there I was like let’s do it! So we did it right after we did his verse and the songs do go perfectly together. When that part comes in, it’s my favorite part too.
DS: Yeah it’s like an Easter egg like 'did I just hear that?'
JL: Yeah like a little surprise.

DS: I know you have limited time and I hate to ask artists when the albums are going to drop because they change a hundred times...
JL: From what I hear June 17th 

DS: Okay June 17th. So that means you have some time and obviously in-between that time you’re going to be doing your American Idol thing and I’m sure that your loving it because I’m sure a lot of people just imagined the last season without J-Lo just didn’t exist on American Idol.
JL: Yeah were having a good time and like last week the competition really went into high gear and I only expect it to get more and more amazing and intense to watch from here.

DS: I think Jennifer Lopez will always has something going on and it’s always better to be too busy than not busy enough. It sounds like you have enough on your plate to last a few life times.
JL: Absolutely I’m very blessed, thank you.

DS: I appreciate the time and good luck with absolutely everything. We're going to be looking out for you and we're going to be YouTube-ing “I Luh Ya Papi”
JL: Thank you baby, I appreciate you.