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Iggy Azalea - 3.20.2014

Apr 01, 2014 -- 5:35pm


3.20.2014 - Hip Hop newcomer Iggy Azalea was live with Danny Salas during the Afternoon Drive on Q97.1 talking about her name, influences, her new song "Fancy," and a whole lot more!

DS: We've got Iggy Azalea live up in the studio, what’s happening?
IA: Ummmm.. chillin!
DS: How you feelin? Welcome to Fresno! 
IA: I’m good! It’s good to be here.
DS: Sooo,  right off the bat, one of the first questions I had to ask you, everyone has got a stage name, what’s the story behind Iggy Azalea? Tell us the story behind the name. 
IA: Umm.. Iggy was my dog, my whole life. From a baby til about 18 and he was just amazing! I loved my dog so much I had a name plate that said Iggy and I wore it. People would just call me Iggy when they met me because you gotta refer to the name plate right? So that’s how I got the nickname Iggy. 
DS: And that’s kind of cool that you wore it because you always have a story, people always ask you about it right?
IA: That’s true. It’s a fun story to tell.
DS: So your childhood dog, yes?
IA: My whole life dog, I suppose, the only dog I’ve ever had.
DS: You are straight from Australia. So I want to know for someone who’s just listening to Iggy Azalea on Q97.1 right now, how a girl from Australia gets to where you are at right now in the United States in 2014?
IA: I took a plane…
DS: Alright...
IA: I have been living in America for about 8 years. I turned 24 this year. I moved here when I was 16. Umm... I moved to Miami. I’ve been living, wandering around America for a while now. Getting into mischief.
DS: Alright, getting into mischief you say?
IA: Yeah
DS: That’s one of the best words in the English language right there.
IA: It is, isn’t it!
DS: But I want to back up a little bit now, how does one decide at a young teen age, that hey you know what?  I’m going to up and leave my freaking country and go all the way across the ocean and meet really nobody that I know in a whole other country.
IA: Well… not talk to no one, but the majority of the people want to live in America if you don’t live in America. 
DS: It’s alright, it’s a cool place, its aight, I have no complaints about it.
IA: You have a lot going on over here. You have a lot going on. So, umm, yeah you know I wanted to be successful and I think everybody… the American dream kind of lives on outside of America too. 
DS: Right. So in Australia you obviously wanted to succeed in music.
IA: Yeah.
DS: Did you want to specifically succeed as a rapper, as a singer, R&B singer?
IA: It’s really evident.
DS: Hell yeah it is! But, you never know, your life could have taken like a little turn.
IA: I stick to what I want.
DS: So coming into the United States who was one of the first, I don’t want to say like a big name, but enough to kind of guide you. Who was the first one you hooked up with?
IA: That helped me? Probably would have been a guy called Fatbone, some people call him Fatface and he’s part of the Dungeon Family. Umm, out of Atlanta. He was the first to kind of help with the industry.
DS: So I’m assuming meeting a dude like that he’s not just going to take a look at you like, “Ehh I’ll give you a shot.” Did you spit like a rhyme for him? What did you do? Did you perform?
IA: No. I actually came up in the days of Myspace, so you didn’t have to walk up to people and start rapping. They would hear your music and then oh my gosh! This is amazing, or I like it! Or I see potential in it. So that’s how it went.
DS: Alright, so you are an internet success. 
IA: Yeah I know how to navigate the internet. 
DS: I love that. Alright so coming up now, where you are at now in 2014 we are going to fast forward from a girl getting on a plane in her teen age years and now you’ve worked with cats like TI, you have performed on stage with NAS. How freaking ridiculous is that? In the short amount of time that you, not to say that you achieved your goal already, but you are sitting in a chair that a million other people wish they could be sitting in right now. 
IA: That’s true it’s always good to remember that. 
DS: Who were some of the cats you looked up to coming up? Like 'When I get to the United States, I think I’m going to be like this dude', or 'I think I’m going to be like that chick.'
IA: Who did I look up to? I always loved Missy Elliot, that was the girl that I wanted to be like I thought she was really original and I knew without a doubt that she wrote her music and I felt that, that was really inspirational, because there were other artists that I did love but I didn’t know if they necessarily wrote their music, but I knew that Missy Elliot did, and so I really, really liked her and I thought that was cool. And I just loved that she had these crazy outfits in all her videos and they really inspired me to. I love visual things and it made me feel like music can really contain other elements and things and so that was the person, and I’m a humongous Tupac fan but Missy Elliot was the person that I would like and think I really like to be like her. 
DS: You’re definitely on the right coast to name drop Tupac right now.
IA: I am! I guess he was kind of born in New York so you could drop him there too, maybe. 
DS: That’s real. I’m kind of curious, coming up in Australia listening to Tupac..cuz obviously the United States is totally split and Pac was at the height of the East coast West coast feud, does that even happen in Australia? Is there like an East coast /West coast? Or is it  like 'I like NAS, I like Pac, I like Nelly' and everything is kind of "American" artists when you live in Australia?
IA: Well none of us live on the east coast or the west coast..
DS: Right
IA: Yeah, so we don’t really care.
DS: The entire country is the coast.
IA: Well I mean there are coasts but they’re not like your coasts.
DS: Well, congratulations on making this far and doing your thing,
IA: Thank you, I really appreciate it.
DS: And congratulations on being so inspired by Missy to put out a dope, left-of-center, crazy out of the box video yourself.
IA: Yeah, it’s always good to have something unexpected. 
DS: So this new video for "Fancy," let’s talk about it. It’s got the Clueless thing... 
IA: It does.
DS: That’s obvious what everyone is talking to you about 
IA: Yeah
DS: And you mention you’re in your 20s ...I'm an 80s baby too, which means I love 90’s stuff and I’m assuming you’re exactly the same. You grew up just loving that whole 90’s culture right?
IA: Yeah I grew up loving it. Um, I was born in 1990 so I guess for me a lot of the 90’s is a memory but I think things like that are all so close, they are so close. I had a young mom, you know older kids baby sitters sitting there watching Clueless and you remember it. 
DS: And that’s the thing, it is like pop culture stuff too. 
IA: Yeah it is pop culture, and I always say I do think Clueless in its own way is a cult hit as a movie and those sorts of things they withstand a generation and um, you know what I mean a good film or a good song. I don’t think it matters if you are necessarily alive in the right age of that era. It will be around forever. 
DS: Fast forward a little bit. So, back in the day, I saw clueless is was freaking hilarious. I saw a video that you did with Amber Rose where you were doing that whole Mean Girls thing. 
IA: Oh! Yeah we did that for MTV.
DS: Yeah! That was freakin' hilarious!
IA: Thank You.
DS: But Mean Girls is like the 2000s version of Clueless.
IA: Yeah! It was me, Ed Sheeren, Amber Rose, and Waka Flocka.
DS: That’s right! Waka Flocka.
IA: Waka Flocka was my favorite part of the video. I think He played Regina George?
DS: Yeah, I remember that.
IA: I thought it was really funny! Really Funny!
DS: He called you a slut! Hearing Waka Flocka say it... 
IA: He was like get her off the phone, yeah I replay that many times.
DS: Dude, that was hilarious.
IA: Waka Flocka definitely needs to be in some more movies.
DS: Man that’s real right?! He was good.
IA: He was good.
DS: So the video is obviously leading up to something that your fans have been begging for a really long time.
IA: Yeah 
DS: Cause you’re like the queen of mix tapes, queen of EPs.
IA: I’m the Mixtape/EP queen.
DS: Right. So finally we’re getting a full album, yeah?
IA: I'm finally getting an album. 
DS: Yay, congratulations.
IA: No, I’m super excited to finally have an album, I hear so many people say what?! You finally have an album?!
DS: I know right.
IA: It's weird! So..
DS: Well because your name! People hear your name, you're young in the game but you’ve been doing a lot of stuff with a lot of people so you’re known without having an album, that’s pretty good.
IA: It's nice to hear that, sometimes I think you need to hear someone say it cause I can forget. 
DS: Ay, its real. You can go your whole career without having an album as long as you brand yourself...
IA: Thank You. I’m a big brand. That’s like McDonald's.
DS: You’re the brand. You’re the Iggy brand.
IA: Awesome, yeah I’m really excited about my album it comes out on the 22nd of April which is next month but it feels so much closer than that. Times just flying around and I’m really excited that it's actually eventuating and it’s going to be real. I’ll have a CD and I can hold it in my hands!
DS: I know, a physical CD. 
IA: Finally, everything I’ve ever put has been digital, online, so they’re free and um, I think having an album and getting to actually hold something that you’ve created will be very satisfactory. 
DS: So you have the liner notes?
IA: I did, I worked them out about a month ago and it felt very surreal writing them. I was like oh, who do I have to thank? People just started coming out of the woodwork. It was tight.
DS: Right. Speaking of coming out of the woodwork so, I’m going to go back a little bit, leaving home and stuff; how many people have reached out to you now that you have made it to where you are?
IA: How many? Umm..
DS: Cuz you left a lot of people behind, right? 
IA: Yeah… All of them. I left every single person I know behind. Every single one, unless you’re blood related. Umm none, no ones reached out but Im hard to get in contact with. So maybe that’s why.
DS: Alright good, good. So ain’t no one going to invite you to any family reunions or any of that?
IA: I don’t know how they would, they don’t have my number, I don’t know how they would.
DS: That’s so funny. Well good job, good job separating yourself from other people.It’s always good when you can run to another country. Where are you going to be anonymous in another country, you don’t even go by your real name so they ain’t looking you up by your real name.
IA: Right, I think they know where I am though. 
DS: I wanted to ask too.  Your style, man you’re a cool ass hip-hop chick. But listening to you on an album and listening to your speaking voice, I probably wouldn’t be able to connect the two. Do you find your voice changing in the studio as opposed to communicating while regular speaking?
IA: Well of course! Well it’s hard to say no. It does sound very different.
DS: But when you’re rapping, "no", and you say "no" (with an accent) right now,
IA: No (with an accent)
DS: Yeah I love that. 
IA: Yeah thank you.
DS: I’m a sucker for an accent.
IA: It’s good to have an accent when you can pull it off.
DS: I ain’t gonna lie, British accents and Australian accents are... forget it! You could be asking or telling me anything and I’ll say 'yeah.' I’m totally lost in your eyes when you speak to me in an accent. And the fact that you have..
IA: Oh well that’s good, I have something I could bargain with then. 
DS: Right, totally hit me up!
IA: I’ve skipped some lines with this accent. 
DS: 'How come my record isn’t in rotation as much as it should be?' "Uhh, yes Iggy coming right up!"
IA: I’ll have to start making personal calls to people then. 
DS: And speaking of British accents, also on Fancy, we’ve seen you performing with Charli XCX
IA: Yup, Charli.
DS: How did you two hook up? Where does she come from?
IA: She comes from London.
DS: Oh, there you go. See? The Australian, the British accent, forget it, it’s over. 
IA: Yup! Her accent is stronger than mine! I met Charli when we were filming our video “Together” but I’ve known her she came up the same time I’ve came up. I would see a lot of magazines that I would be in and I liked her. I found out that she actually writes all her music. The Icona Pop song, she wrote it. Great writer and I just feel like, so many of her songs are everywhere! Even on the East coast and Florida, everywhere! I thought it would be really cool to mix up with someone from London and so that’s why I picked Charli. 
DS: Yeah, you guys make a great tag team. 
IA: Thank you. 
DS: Like super dope. Honestly you got me with two hot chicks on the screen and you kept me with the music. 
IA: And we dress as school girls!
DS: Right. It's over. That’s the kind of stuff that.... I wanna clear my internet browsing stuff just to be on the safe side!
IA: Oh no!
DS: Alright well I know you got limited time but I really appreciate you coming by and spending time with us. 
IA: No, I appreciate you guys having me.
DS: I totally wish you can be here all damn day cuz I can talk to you forever, I don’t care what you’re talking about. I just want to hear your voice all day. 
IA: I’ll just read the dictionary for you. 
DS: You totally could. I’ll bust out a phonebook and I’ll be happy.
IA: Awesome!
DS: So Iggy Azalea, any last words for Fresno? 
IA: Last words, ummm… come check me out in Santa Ana I know it’s a long drive but I’m going to have a show there. Come on! 
DS: When are you going to be performing? When are you going to be in Santa Ana? 
IA: Well, I’m going to be there May 15th, I’m doing a show, a tour, but it’s completely and totally sold out. But! I have a new date in Santa Ana and it hasn’t even gone out on sale yet so if you want a road trip I advise you to come on down.
DS: The cool thing about being where we’re at in Central California is that we are in the middle of Los Angeles and the Bay so wherever artists...
IA: I would have loved growing up here because I would of gotten the best of both wolrds. 
DS: I want you to consider Fresno your 3rd or 4th home whenever you come by.
IA: Will do.
DS: Doors are always open. And we have some country around here too.
IA: Country is good, I’m a country girl. 
DS: I wish you the best of luck with absolutely everything and I’m going to let you introduce this Fancy joint cause I can't have Iggy Azalea in the studio and not bust Fancy right now.
IA: Alright ready?
DS: I’m ready.
IA: What’s up guys, I’m Iggy Azalea and right now we are about to listen to my brand new single featuring Charli XCX. It’s called "Fancy," check it out. 
DS: Iggy Azalea live in the studio, it’s Q97.1, turn this up! 

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