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But will Machete kill Lady Gaga?

Jul 26, 2012 -- 4:42pm

Here's a lil bit of trivia. One of my all-time favorite movies is "Machete."

Pictured above: Awesome-ness in cinema form


I thought that movie was so badass, that it's officially the only Blu-ray I've ever purchased. I just NEEDED to get it on Blu-ray. I'm not sure why exactly. I just did.

Anyway, that movie surprised me by making me forget that I'm not a fan of Lindsay Lohan. She was actually.....pretty good in it.

So, I'm ridiculously excited to see the sequel, "Machete Kills" and I'm HOPING that Lady Gaga will do the same thing that Lindsay did. Specifically, not piss me off that she's in the movie.

Check the poster:


This movie will also be badass. So badass.



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