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The Standard this Friday night!

Q97.1 is at The Standard this Friday night for Fresno's hottest late night lounge!





Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton And More Allegedly Hacked In Nude Photo Leak

The internet message board site 4chan has leaked nude photos of several celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and more. They are also threatening to leak photos from an extended master list. The photos were obtained during an iCloud leak that allowed celebrities phones to be hacked.- more

This Insane Batman Rollercoaster Will Be Next Summer’s Main Attraction

Six Flags San Antonio just solidified its place in the history books thanks to birthing the most terrifying, insane-looking rollercoaster we've ever seen: the 4D Batman ride, coming in 2015.- more

Joan Rivers Update: In Serious Condition, Possibly On Life Support

An update on the status of Joan Rivers amid conflicting reports about an incident during a vocal chord surgery, - more

Here’s Rihanna In A Bikini Doing The Shmoney Dance On A Yacht

Rihanna appeared on her friend's Instagram dancing the now infamous "shmoney dance" to Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N---a" in a bikini. On a yacht. We rejoiced.- more

We Are In ‘Lava’ With Pixar’s Lovesick Volcano

Volcanoes are having a moment right now (what with three of them going off around the world at the moment), but this one's likely the only one to melt your ever-loving heart. It's not so much a real one as a Pixar animated one, but still: a little bit of adorable, personified cuteness never hurt anybody, right?- more

Kid Cudi Collapses At Chicago Concert, Blames Not Eating Properly

Kid Cudi fainted during a performance yesterday (August 30) at the North Coast music festival in Chicago. He blames improper nutrition and tweeted updates to let his fans know he's doing okay now.- more



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    • Baby Bash in the Q97.1 studio!

    • Q97.1 at WWE SummerSlam 2014 in LA!

    • Iggy Azalea in the Q97.1 studio!

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    • Q97.1 at the Fresno Grizzlies game

    • Q97.1 at the Island Water Park 7/4

    • Q97.1 at C.A.R.T.

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    • Q97.1 at The Standard 8/29

    • Q97.1 at The Standard 8/22

    • Q97.1 at Martin's Bar in Clovis